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Grafiche Lama In-Mould Labels

Grafiche Lama was established in 1973.

Located in Piacenza (Italy) - at only one hour drive from Milan airports - it specializes in the production and export of IML labels for the permanent decoration of plastic containers and various items. Such labels are made of the same material as the item to be decorated. They are applied during the manufacturing process - by injection molding, blow molding or thermoforming - in order to obtain an eye-catching and very resistant, indelible and long-lasting decoration.

Since all job steps are carried out internally - consultancy and graphic design, pre-printing, printing and die-cutting -, high quality of service, flexibility and speed in delivery are guaranteed.

The Customer Experience is enhanced by the direct contact with company experts for an extremely fast and effective decision-making process.

"A job well done requires the knowledge of the entire downstream production process in order to support the customer in selecting the most suitable equipment for a specific production, such as robots, presses, moulds ..."

Customers are supported in identifying and implementing a solution to any problem that may arise during the start-up step, especially when the IML is faced for the first time.

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Grafiche Lama produces IML labels in PP, PET, PC, PE, HDPE, PMMA, PS, SAN, NYLON.

In-Mould labelling is obtained by inserting the label into the mould used to produce the item to be decorated. Since they are both made of the same plastic material, the blending of the label with the component results into a smooth surface with indelible decorations, resistant to wear, temperature changes, humidity and adverse weather conditions. Such properties make this technology ideal for the decoration of a variety of products, such as food and frozen food containers as well as for durable goods, outdoor furniture and countless other applications.

In addition to reducing time and costs of the production cycle, this technology ensures complete recyclability of containers and manufactured products since labels don’t need to be separated from the surface on which they are glued.

IML In-mould labelling

Our IML Applications

IML for Industrial Buckets

IML for Consumer Goods Packaging

IML for Reusable Packaging

IML for Fruit & Vegetable Crates

IML for Chairs & Table top Graphics

IML for Household and Promotional Items

IML for Toys / Kids Furniture


IML for other Durable Goods


The services offered by Grafiche Lama In-Mould Labels include those that made the company grow over time:

All projects are carefully analysed together with our customers so that the most suitable materials are selected to obtain the desired result: film, thickness, finish, brilliance, electrostatic properties, type of colours and paints depending on the use of the finished product - indoor or outdoor, resistance to light etc.

Graphic design and adaptation to the manufactured product, printing systems, printing, die-cutting and packaging.

All activities are carried out internally so that orders are under control all the time and meet the agreed deadlines.

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Our Team

A friendly and highly qualified team welcomes you through the whole process of designing the graphics up to the realization of the IML prototype. Our customer can count on a dedicated graphic designer willing to support him until the project is accomplished. All activities are carried out internally so that orders are under control all the time and meet the agreed deadlines.